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2010 Gallery

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2010 Gallery

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Amy Svec
Littlestown, Pennsylvania, USA

"I have been a creative spirit with a passion for art since early childhood. I was born in Washington, DC and earned a BFA from the School of Design, Art, Architecture & Planning at the University of Cincinnati in 1996.

I currently reside on a 6-acre farm in Littlestown, PA which is also home to Spiral Vision Studio. It is here that I create my mixed media monotypes, paintings, collages and handmade journals.

Each and every one of us, no matter how large or small we think we are, CAN make a difference. The simple act of creating a piece of art with one's own personal vision of world peace can institute change for as it is viewed by others the artist's positive message creates a ripple effect and inspires so many people to join in the movement." Amy Svec

Amy is a Regional Coordinator for the Global Art Project.

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