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2010 Gallery

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Global Sisters
Fairport Beach Public School students with the direction of teacher, Trudy Akler
Pickering, Ontario

"I think this has been our best Global Art Project to date. What a wonderful time I've had with my group. This year we used soft sculpture to create our 'Global Sisters'. After some research, each student selected a culture as inspiration, and created a soft sculpture doll in related attire. As we ended up with only girls in the group, we decided to name our collection 'Global Sisters'. In all, I had 13 students, grades 5 to 8, and an educational assistant join me. We had a great time learning about different cultures, recreating traditional clothing, making our art together, and feeling part of an international move of peace, hope, and love.

One of the most exciting moments was when I made contact with my fellow Regional Coordinator in Germany. It was a bit of a mind set shift for my girls to discover that our exchange partners weren't age mates this year, but rather a group of 55 - 85 year olds who meet every other week to embroider together, who live near farmland with the Alps in view, and some who lived through the horrors of war. Our project was displayed in our school and covered by a local newspaper.

Thank you, again, to you and your dedicated team, for making this wonderful opportunity available to us, and for helping to bring us all one step closer to world peace.

All the best."
Trudy Akler

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