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2010 Gallery

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Peace Rocks
Created by a group of 8 artists with the direction of Ericha Scott
Malibu, California, USA

"Peace Rocks" was sent to their Project partner, The Center for Well-Being, in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

"About the Peace Gift We Received -

The exchange GAP for Peace which we received has been a focal piece for all ages that come to The Center for Well-Being. We are a small, newly created center for healing arts, located in a 100 year old barn about 15 miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The barn has been refurbished and is intimate and well liked by clients of all ages. The Peace Rocker is usually in our classroom and people are immediately drawn to sit in it. Children will slide in side by side to share the enjoyment of this peace-filled rocker. We have adult classes and it will be pulled into the circle during discussions. The rocker is as sturdy as it is amazingly beautiful which invites little ones to climb over its arms and into its ready embrace as if they are drawn to the care and love that created this peace connection for us! We are so grateful to have been part of this Global Art Project for Peace - our world has been truly expanded! (Our sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Ericha Scott Group from Malibu, California for their generosity and caring.)

It was only yesterday when I was trying to capture some of the detail on the rocker that I noticed the artists had signed the underside of the seat ... it made me catch my breath. Symbolically it is as if they are holding those who sit in this rocker with the sense of pure love and connection right from their soul. To me is speaks about the many ways we are connected to one another. I will cherish it as a true symbol of its intent ... peace through love and sharing oneself without attachment.

Everyone is blessed through this gift."

Peace, Love, and Joy
Sandra Anderson
The Center for Well-Being

"Note: I have told the story of the rocker countless times and as I tell it I also tell the story of the GAP for Peace. Through this retelling I hope to challenge individuals in their awareness of the concept of peace in their lives and how it is connected to each and every one of us."

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