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2010 Gallery

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6th grade students at Basis Tucson with the direction of art teacher, Hester van Heemstra
Tucson, Arizona, USA

Art teacher, Hester van Heemstra's letter to their Global Art Project partner in Thiruvadanai taluk, India:

"Hello, K. Ganesh,
Your Global Art Project for Peace art is packaged and is on its way to your school by mail. Attached are pictures of the project with the students who made it; it is a paper mural 15 feet by 5 feet. We decided to paint about our concern for the Earth and the environment, as it is a global problem and can bring people together. In the middle is a volcano, which one of the students had the idea to paint a week before the volcano erupted in Iceland. There are endangered species pictured, including an Indian elephant and baby walking around the earth and also a road with cars and a bicycle. Before designing the mural the students studied what happens to much of our waste, and how we need to reduce! We hope you and your class will enjoy our art work, please let us know when you receive it!"
Hester van Heemstra
Basis art teacher

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