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2010 Gallery

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2010 Gallery

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Mor Lever, student at Havruta High School for Leadership and Culture with the direction of teacher, Gil Cohen
Emek Hefer, Israel

"Taking part in the Global Art for Peace Project was a great experience for our students. The Project's spirit and goals go hand in hand with many of our school values. Spreading a wish for peace and creating a message of hope that is generously offered to another person is an important lesson to learn.

During the process every student received a name of a student from the school we were working with. They immediately befriended the students and worked individually on the art works. The students were excited sending out their artworks and receiving the personal messages sent to them.

Many of the students felt that it is very important to represent the individual person in Israel. Their wish and hopes for peace that are genuine and personal." Gil Cohen

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Tal Yosefi, student at Havaruta High School for Leadership and Culture.
Emek Hefer, Israel

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