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2010 Gallery

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2010 Gallery

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6th grade students at Great Oak Middle School with the direction of teacher, Karen Giannamore
Oxford, Connecticut, USA

"We sent off our project to Alaska a couple of weeks ago now. I am sending you an image of my students holding the collage they made. Each student drew a major attraction in our state or something that was invented in Connecticut, such as the Wiffle ball. They colored and cut their pictures out and glued them onto the collage. The paper was cut in the shape of Connecticut. Then next to each picture the students glued an index card introducing themselves and telling something about themselves and then explaining what they drew. Lastly, each student traced, colored, and cut their hand and wrote messages of peace on them and glued them to the collage also.

The second image is of the Global Exchange we did with New Mexico. Each student created an individual 'Box of Peace' for our partner class. The outside of the box was filled with pictures representing peace and culture. Inside each box, the students made origami swans for each student and wrote messages of peace. I hope you enjoy our work." Karen Giannamore

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