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2010 Gallery

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Sandy Taylor and Lisa Fam
The Grove Wholistic Centre for Spirituality
Melbourne, Australia

"The Grove Wholistic Centre for Spirituality in Melbourne, Australia is a place where women come together to explore their personal journey and find meaning, community and sacred connection. This year, three members of the Grove, Sandy Taylor, Lisa Fam and Rebecca Maxwell joined in the spirit of peace to create artwork for the Project. Sandy and Lisa created mandalas titled 'Dancing with Life' and 'Indra's Net' respectively, whilst Rebecca wrote a poem called 'Holy Land'.

The works were exhibited at the Grove during April and we received some media coverage in the local paper.

Creating the artworks
During the process of creating the art, we worked intentionally to embody the spirit of peace, for without inner peace there can be no outer peace. We meditated on peace and compassion together, set our intention, explored the themes through drawing and then created our artworks independently. We were surprised, delighted and humbled at the common themes which arose—the circle as a symbol of unity, and the interrelatedness of all forms of life. Finally we witnessed and dialogued with our artwork to determine the message it had for us and the recipients. Working together we discovered that we could create a culture of peace.

The Grove was delighted to receive a DVD and CD from 'Sisters' Kathryn Twinfeathers and Jayne Turconi from Tucson Arizona, of their beautiful song 'Peace Walk'. The song was written in response to 9/11, 2001 and featured Kathryn singing and playing the Native American flute and Jayne singing and playing guitar. All the participants were moved by the heart felt lyrics and expressed the wish to meet the women! The music will become a part of the special collection that is played regularly at the Grove. We sincerely thank Jayne and Kathryn for sharing their vision with us from the other side of the world." Lisa Fam

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