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2010 Gallery

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Imago Dei Middle School, 5th Grade Students
With the direction of Teacher, Linda Cato
Tucson, Arizona, USA

"I decided to participate in the Global Art Project for Peace this year. I let the students take the lead, and just observed the discussions as they developed the theme for their collaborative work. We will be mailing our piece to a school in Pennsylvania, and are looking forward to receiving one from them as well.

My fifth-grade students were the artists behind this effort, and have since worked collaboratively to write some lyrics that will be set to music by a friend of mine. Here are their words:" Linda Cato

A Place to Shine

Our strength is in our friendship
Our power is in our love
Doing the right thing
brings happiness to our world.
We build a place to shine,
Our hands, our hearts, our minds,
strengthen humankind
and our creativity
will protect our Earth,
the blue-green jewel that is our home
and a gift.
So all the birds and fish and animals that run
will sing together with grace
for our success.
Sing with them! Our voices calling out
all the names of beauty!
Trees flowers seeds animals people water air sky moon fruits minerals breezes stars
oceans planets rain
rainbows rivers lightening shining sun waterfalls thunder skies night rivers fish butterflies
the sun the moon tears of joy cries of sadness
clapping hands building houses planting giving singing laughing
put it all together and we
have a place to shine.

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