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2010 Gallery

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2010 Gallery

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Blossom into Peace
Cari M. Nelson, student at St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA

"Peace is like a blossoming flower. It's filled with brilliant, beautiful colors that spread across the nation." Cari M. Nelson

I am sending you some images of our Global Art Project. Art Education Majors (and me, the professor) completed 12 peace posters. These posters were on display twice last week in the Student Union of the University and this week in the Art Department. Next week they will be sent to our match in Colorado. The students enjoyed this project very much and hope to continue when they are in the K-12 schools as art teachers. Now, more than ever, we need the images of peace.
Kathryn Gainey
Professor of Art Education
St. Cloud State University
St. Cloud, MN

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