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Katherine Josten

"People joined together with a clear intent have an incredible power to change the world."

The best part of this whole experience for me has been the incredible people with whom I've been in contact. It's a wonderful feeling to be in touch with so many people who operate from the heart, who really care about the world and understand that they have the power to create its future. The Global Art Project exemplifies in concrete form that we can be different, yet act together as integral members of one living organism-our Earth.

To all the artists who willingly shared their art in the postcard book along with the many thousands more who have added their energy to the Global Art Project, a special "Thank You" for seeding our future with visions of Love, Peace, and Global Community.

It is a time for joining together things that we have taken apart. Integration--a blending of energies that have too long been divided. A cloth that has not been a cloth but many separate threads, is now being woven together by the hands of artisans and creative personalities who have an understanding of the Earth as a unified organism.
We are not separate.
We are not alone.
It is a time of great coming together, a time of great celebration of our love for ourselves and the land which nourishes us. It is a labor of joy with hands united.
Our breaths merge with that of Earth energies, which merge with that of Cosmic energies.
Greater cooperation and understanding of the laws of whole systems can be shared through ones such as yourselves who are open to the beauty of the universe and your place in it. It is a joy to be of service in this endeavor.

Katherine Josten

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