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Project Mission

"The Planet In Our Eyes" (The colour of our skin is different but we all see the same WORLD: united through PEACE!) created by Andra-Alida Baban of Baia Mare, Maramures, Romania for the 2004 Global Art Project exchange.
"What is my opinion about Global Art Project? Well it's the most wonderfull thing I ever did. You can't imagine how exciting is to finally know your match and share your own vision about global peace with that person.About my work, the painting represents a child, the simbol of the purity, which hopes for a united world and for a better one. He is the embodiment of all childrens of the world with all kinds of skin colour and colour of their eyes and hair.

I am one of those children and, like them I wish people would all be united through love and peace. This is the first time I participate in GAP but I'll make sure that it will not be the last time. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!!! With love and peace Andra (from Romania)

The mission of the Global Art Project is to joyously create a culture of peace through art. The Project celebrates diversity and multi-culturalism while expressing the idea: We Are All One.

Project Description

Nominated for a UNESCO Prize, the Global Art Project is an international art exchange for peace which has involved 160,000 participants in 95 countries on seven continents. 200+ Regional Coordinators help to organize and spread the word in their part of the world. The Project was founded in Tucson, Arizona, USA in 1993 by artist, Katherine Josten.

Anyone can participate!

Here's how it works: Participants create a work of art in any medium, expressing their vision of global peace and goodwill. The art is displayed locally in each participant’s community. Global Art Project then organizes an international exchange by matching participants—group-to-group and individual-to-individual. The exchange occurs April 23-30 biennially, resulting in thousands of people sending messages of Peace around the world at one time—visions of unity simultaneously encircle the Earth. The art is sent as a gift of global friendship and exhibited in the receiving community.

Participants may send documentation of the art created and of the people who came together to create the art to the GAP Art Bank. Global Art Project exhibitions, books, slide presentations, and this website give people an opportunity to experience visions of peace and unity created by individuals from diverse cultures around the world.

How to Participate

Registration is currently open.

1. Register to participate in the exchange. Participants in the US and Canada are required to include a minimum US $15 donation for individuals and US $20 donation for groups. Participants in other countries are asked to send a donation if possible.

After all registrations are received, GAP will match you with another participant and send you their contact information. Your contact information will be sent to your matching participant as well.

2. Create a work of art expressing your personal vision of global peace and goodwill. The art may be in any medium -- visual or literary art, audio or videotapes/CDs of performances, etc. -- which can be sent from one group or individual to another.

3. Display (April 1 – 22, 2024) or share your work locally in your own community. This could be on the walls at work or school, in a hospital, a public library, gallery, bank, local café or restaurant - wherever you feel comfortable sharing your vision. You may want to join together with a group of participants to find a place where you can display your work together.

4. Exchange (April 23 – 30, 2024) your art with the person or group with whom you've been matched. The art you receive will be yours to keep, and likewise, the art you send off will be kept as a gift of global friendship. It would be nice to include a photo of yourself and a personal note.

5. Share the art which you've received from your GAP partner so that people in your community have an opportunity to experience the diverse visions of global unity from around the world.

You may document your art and the people who created it to be included in the GAP Art Bank. Label the documentary material with name, address, medium and size. You can include information about your art, and your process of creating and exchanging it. Send it to the GAP address. Materials will not be returned. Examples of art created for the exchanges will be selected for the GAP Galleries, presentations and other documentary materials.

Global Art Project Angel Corps

You could also participate in the Angel Corps. Here's how it works:

If a person or group hasn't heard from their GAP exchange partner by the end of June, they could contact us and we'll connect them with a group or individual in the Angel Corps who will send them artwork. People may register to participate in either the exchange, the Angel Corps…or both. Angel Corps participants are angels because they will create and send art, although they know they won't receive anything from the person or group to whom they're sending their art...it's purely an act of love and generosity.

To participate in the Angel Corps, fill out a separate GAP Registration via Mail Form and write “Angel Corps” on it with a highlighter. We’ll contact you after June 2024 to let you know where to send your art. No fee is required to participate in the Angel Corps.

Let's All Join Hands is another element of the Global Art Project for Peace. People are invited to send a paper outline of their hand with their name, country, and wish for global peace, love, and friendship on it to the Global Art Project. The hands may be created and sent to GAP at any time. Volunteers in Tucson string the hands together as a visual expression of the thousands of people who join their energy together to create Peace. The paper hands are exhibited as a source of inspiration and a book of paper hands The Handbook for Peace is planned for publication.

Global Art Project Videos and Interviews

Video 1 - Global Art Project for Peace Presentation:
Katherine Josten, Founder/Director
2013 Call to World Peace
World Brotherhood Union, Istanbul, Turkey


The following two videos are available for purchase on 1 DVD. Click Here for purchasing Info.

Video 2 - About the Global Art Project for Peace:
2006 KUAT-TV interview of Global Art Project for Peace Founder/Director Katherine Josten.


Video 3 - 1999 Exhibition at the Tucson Museum of Art.:
Produced by KUAT-TV.



Video 4 - 2017 Arizona Governor's Arts Award to Global Art Project for Peace Founder/Director

Tucson artist, educator and founder/director of the Global Art Project, Katherine Josten, was named
the 2017 Governor’s Arts Awards Artist of the Year at the 36th annual Governor’s Arts Awards dinner and celebration.
Video created by Arizona Citizens for the Arts.



Video 5 - Global Art Project for Peace | Mills College 2009




Global Art Project Peace Pledge:
Presentation by Katherine Josten at
The Village School, Pacific Palisades, California

Peace Pledge: With love In my heart, I join with others,
To create peace, On Earth. (x3), YES!



Visions of Peace
Artist Katherine Josten (founder/director of The Global Art Project for Peace) interviewed by Gil Dekel, PhD.

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