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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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Tainan Community University (TCU) Students:
GAP English and Art Empower Class
Tainan City, Taiwan

Group Description: Shiny like the sun, smile all the time, explorer and dream maker under the phoenix tree

“We, TCU, are a community university in Tainan city, Taiwan. TCU, sponsored in part by Tainan City government, is an institute for adult learning and continuing education.

Through carrying creativity planning out constantly, the courses are planned to integrate with public issues, which develops and broadens citizens’ learning. Apart from planning more than two hundred courses every year, much of our time goes into concerning and promoting city’s environment and public art. Presently, TCU is among the most important nonprofit organizations in Tainan.

‘Global Art Project (GAP) English and Art Empower’ is a course offered at TCU. Starting with course planning, the course provides the students with English learning, art studying and volunteer service through participating in the 2008 Global Art Project exchange.

Learning target for the students taking the course is to assist the people who want to take part in GAP. In our program, the students are asked to promote this activity, help participants register online, remit registration fee, translate their artwork statement in English, be involved in displaying those artworks on campus as well as mailing them to their GAP exchange partner. After receiving artwork from matches, the students take on translating artwork description in Chinese and showing the artwork on campus. Each student is responsible for one or two participants to take part in the 2008 GAP, and required to complete tasks above mentioned. Each student also participated in GAP themselves.

The course began in October 2007. Since then, each student accumulated many volunteer service hours. At the end of the course, TCU issued service hours certificate with additional relevant volunteer service and international affairs learning for merited students to encourage them.”

Fu Jung
TCU, Taiwan

The Taiwan students exchanged art with a community group in Tucson, Arizona, USA with the direction of Karen Phelps, a Tucson Regional Coordinator. The Tucson group created a Peace Saguaro Cactus representing Tucson.

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