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2008 Gallery

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PT Songlines
Port Townsend, Washington, USA

PT Songlines, a Choral Group, sent a CD to their GAP partner with three songs that they recorded. The three songs were: Handsome Land written by their Founder/Director Laurence Cole, and two African celebratory pieces, Kake Lambe and Siya Hambe. Their GAP partner was the 5th grade chorus at Peter Noyes Elementary School in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA.

Michael Gorgone, the choral teacher at Peter Noyes School sent the following letter to PT Songlines:
“ I received your GAP project, and it is AWESOME! My students were so impressed to hear you all sing a cappella, and loved the song choices. This was such a great experience to hear another choir perform and hear the energy, joy, and hard work you all put into your music. Needless to say it was inspirational to all of us. We all really enjoyed the percussion accompaniment and gave us a few ideas for our upcoming performance. Thank you for including a picture for us to know who you all are, and the music so we can try our hand at these songs. This was such a great GAP project for us to be involved in, and it was my first time doing it. It was an educational, inspirational, and FUN project for us to be a part of. Thank you so much for your music, and I am sending our skeletal score of Make Some Noyes For Peace to you today.”

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