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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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We Are All Hearts of Earth
Moha Ait Kouya
Ouarzazate, Morocco

“In the first & formost, my best regards to all PhilPeace over the world, & all members of Global Art Project for develop peace culture in mind of all kind heart on our earth, without forget Jele Christine (RC) that sent me site web of GAP for Peace Artist.
This philanthropist volunteer that I called the Dove that fly from Longmont (Colorado) to interMont (Roses’vally). Her plans’ prints remains for ever!
I hope that all visitor of your gallery appreciates my art peace & diaporama of Mohaberber.
The world is like a small countryside, we must use NTIC for plant & develop philanthropy Inside of all mind.
Hand in hand, we plant a spirit of Humanity for harvest & live in peaceful world.
I like peace ideas, my only worry is I hope that Moha speak & write very well english language.”

By Moha Ait Kouya
S/s Tawdilt school Taghssa
Bomaln Dads,Ouarzazate

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