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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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Profiles in Peace
Cooperative effort by CREATE Arts Center members and visitors with the direction of Patricia Hicks Ruiz Newport, Washington, USA

“This art project, ‘Profiles in Peace’, was begun during a city wide New Year’s Eve celebration in Spokane, WA. Visitors were asked to cut out profiles of themselves and silhouettes of their hands and decorate the cut-outs with markers, paper scraps, crayons and other art materials. CREATE members contributed additional profile and hand cut-outs. The decorated cut-outs were assembled on canvas boards into a design which includes a map of the world and doves of peace. The individual boards were glued onto fabric and may be hung or will stand as a single unit for display purposes. Names and ages of some of the participants are shown on the lower, right corner of the piece. The work was shown at CREATE Arts Center Gallery during the month of April, 2008.

The profiles in the artwork symbolize all peoples of the earth coming together with a common purpose. The hand silhouettes symbolize all peoples working together toward a common goal and the doves represent the fruit of our labors…..Long-lasting Peace.”

Patricia A. Hicks Ruiz
Vice President, CREATE Arts Center
Global Art Project Director for Create Arts Center

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