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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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Peace: One Mast, One Flag of All
Acrylic and House Paint on Canvas
7th & 8th Grade, St.Agnes School, with the direction of Art Teacher, Glad Eyerman and assitance from Mrs. Rader
Springfield, Mossouri, USA

Their art was exchanged with a group in Wollongong, Australia

“Students were divided into small groups to create peace flags which were later mod-podged onto the canvas into one large flag shape. Flag themes and shapes varied. Some student groups focused on peace symbols, nature, and personal messages like “Peace Knows No Color.” Other groups focused on the world, different nationalities holding hands, national flags, and political statements about the war in Iraq.
Mrs. Eyerman created a flag, as well, in the shape of our state, Missouri, so that students from Australia could see where our state is on the world map. Her message from the ‘Show Me State’ was ‘Show Me Peace.’
The rope pulley on the flag pole was created out of words that embodied the student’s ideas for global unity and peace. These words are: Under God We Stand, Divided We Fall; Keep the Candle Burning Bright; Peace is with God; Violence is Never the Answer; No War; Together We Can Love in our World; Love Your Neighbor; Faith; Unity; John Lennon; Hope; Respect; Courage; Martin Luther King Jr.; Strength; Nature; Sacrifice; Jesus; Ghandi; Mother Teresa; Meek; Equality; Teamwork; Prayer; Friendship; Forgiveness; Help.”

Glad Eyerman

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