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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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Students at Fairport Beach Public School with the direction of teacher Trudy Akler
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

“We're just wrapping up another successful Global Art Project year! I ran the project as an extra-curricular program in our school and had fourteen grade 5 to 7 students and one other staff volunteer join me. Students worked in groups of one to three to create their visions of peace using a felt background. They sewed on fabric pieces and added multimedia embellishments to create the complete piece. The result was a collection of colourful, magical, and joyous artwork that definitely communicates the children's visions of harmony, beauty, and love.
We received a surprise when a package from our exchange partner, a primary gifted class in Hillsboro, MO, arrived early. It was filled with their ‘hugs of peace’ (arm-shaped papers containing original poems of peace). They are already on display in our school, along with a letter and pictures of local animals sent by our partner class.
Once again, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you to you and all your volunteers. May we be a few more steps closer to lasting world peace.” Trudy Akler

Trudy is a Regional Coordinator for the Global Art Project.

Letter from the teacher who received their art:
“Your fantastic peace panels arrived yesterday afternoon. I have them displayed in the classroom for when the students get here in a few minutes. My third graders will be thrilled! These students participated in the peace project two years ago as first graders. They are an ‘arty’ bunch, so I know your panels will be a favorite. I am an amateur quilter, so I plan to put the panels together this summer to be displayed in our school. I know you put a tremendous amount of time, thought, and effort into your panels. Something made with love is always extra special.” Kathleen Bockhorst

Photos: 1 & 2. Students and teacher Trudy Akler at Fairport Beach Public School with their final products, 3. the group receiving recognition at ‘Proud of Pickering’, which celebrated student community involvement as related to character education, 4. “Hugs of Peace” from their exchange partner – Hillsboro Primary School’s Primary Gifted Class, Hillsboro, MO, USA.

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