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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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Love and Peace to All Living Things
Women’s Art Therapy Group
with the direction of Jyoti Thomas
Daylesford, Australia

We are a group in rural Australia participating in the Global Art Project. Just letting you know we are absolutely loving working on this project. I work as an art therapist with a group of women suffering with depression and they have so embraced this task. As we work on our piece of art together there is a wonderful feeling of togetherness, easiness and creativity flowing and its just feeling really special. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this fantastic, wonderful idea. Not only is it sending out peace but it also brings peace to those participating. very special.

Jyoti Thomas

This group received two Medicine Necklaces from the Tucson Bear Circle Creative Cooperative. The necklaces have been used by the Art Therapy Group as part of their healing sessions.

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