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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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Spirit Bowl
100% Icelandic Wool
Kasia Danuta
Carson, Washington, USA

Kasia’s letter to the Global Art Project:
“This is my 3rd year participating in the Global Art Project. And, as I’ve come to expect, it was an enjoyable, enriching experience. It seems that, once again, I was matched, with almost mystical precision, to the perfect Global Art partner! The dialogue I’ve shared with my partner, Catherine, has been very pleasant and insightful. Really the most amazing people participate in this Project!
I’m enclosing an image of the “spirit bowl” that I created for Catherine, along with a copy of the letter I included in her package.
Please accept my gratitude and admiration for creating beauty and joy in our world. Kasia”

Kasia’s letter to her Global Art Project partner:
“Enclosed you will find my Global Art Project for you – A Spirit Bowl. It is 100% Icelandic wool (I have Icelandic sheep), I’ve knitted and felted the bowl and sewed on several symbolic beads. The idea of a spirit bowl is that the art we create is our life and our world. We each have the innate ability and creative power to manifest a blissful existence and healthy planet. We have so many tools at our disposal to do so. A spirit bowl is one such tool. The “floor” of the bowl has a quartz bead at center – representing us/spirit, copper beads surround it, copper transmits energy. The 4 carnelian beads represent the 4 solar holy days of the Earth year (solstices & equinoxes) and the 4 jade beads represent the lunar cross-quarter holy days, the Esbats. The 3 feathers are from a hummingbird who represents joy, playfulness and the sweetness of life. The pearl brings in the elemental powers of water, the seed, of course, represents unlimited potential. The eye is for protection, the skull is for letting go of all self-limiting beliefs, the honeybee represents fertility and the Earth Goddess and the rose represents full creative expression and beauty. On the outside of the bowl is carnelian for the creative force of our 2nd chakra, and labrodonte for higher vision and spiritual guidance.
Write or draw a symbol of what you are creating and/or releasing with intention and a prayer, put it into the spirit bowl and release your attachment to the outcome. Remain grateful. When your intentions come to pass, burn the paper. If you ever feel complete with the bowl you can burn that too, or pass it on. It has been blessed. As are you.

Cheers, Kasia”

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