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2008 Gallery

2008 Gallery

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One Planet Earth At Peace!
Elizabeth Kant
Clearwater, Florida, USA

“My vision for Global Peace involves all peoples of the world coming together through education. First, to develop alternative energy sources, and secondly, to become less dependent on world oil. Third, and most importantly, every country and person must understand, acknowledge, and commit to “Living Green”. Why?
…Because global warming is happening now. I believe “Living Green” is not just a phrase, it is what we must do. Global warming is a world problem we must all share in solving by “Living Green”. Him, her, them, us and you!
I illustrate with each and every ‘fiber’ that we reach across the miles, around our world, and become connected as One Planet Earth At Peace!”
The materials I used in this project are – symbols, signs and visual aids with yarn fibers to connect all the countries. I then decoupaged everything onto a tri-fold display board measuring 36” x 48” open and (36” x 24” closed).”

Elizabeth Kant

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