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2008 Gallery

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2008 Gallery

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Make Some Noyes For Peace!
Song written by the students of Peter Noyes Elementary School with the Direction of Michael Gorgone. Performed by the 5th Grade Chorus.
Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA

“Hello! Included in this package is a couple photos of our huge 5th grade chorus of 105 students, a picture of the signatures of 700 students at Peter Noyes, and a CD of a peace song our school wrote. In our music class I asked students ranging from the kindergarten level to fifth grade what words do they think of when they hear the word peace? I comprised a list of over 300 words students thought of and put them into a song I composed. The fifth grade chorus and I rehearsed the song for only a few short weeks and then recorded it.

We hope you enjoy “Make Some Noyes For Peace.”

Make Some Noyes For Peace!
By M. Gorgone & The Students of the
Peter Noyes Elementary School

Let’s live in Peace.
Let’s live in harmony.
Shake hands with your brothers and your sisters.
Celebrate diversity.
Let’s live in Peace.
Let’s live in harmony.
Let’s hope for a better future.
Look out for one another.

Well it’s time, join as a community.
Make a plan for peace across the land.
We can make a difference if we try.
Sing loud so all the people in the world agree.


Lend a hand, respect and we shall achieve.
No hate, no violence or wars to create.
Unite with silent smiles to trust.
Live life let all the colors of us shine.



W – It’s time to think world-wide
O – And keep an open mind
R – Respect, recycle, and responsibility
L – Love, laughter, and liberty
D – Do your best don’t be denied

P – Let the people have peace and prosperity
E – Enlighten everyone about environment
A – Achieve, authentic, apologetic, appreciated
C – Connect culture to community
E – Enjoy everlasting eternity

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