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Global Art Project for Peace DVD
The Tucson Museum of Art

Contains two KUAT-TV programsfeaturing the Global Art Project — the recent 2006 interview with Katherine Josten as well as the 1999 feature on the Global Art Project Exhibition at the Tucson Museum of Art.

This 15-minute video is the PERFECT way to introduce the Project to groups or classes — showing new images of participant art, photos of participants, excerpts from participant letters, and examples of paper hands for peace created for the Project’s “Let’s All Join Hands” program.

You might also like to order some of our postcard books to sell when you show the DVD. All proceeds from these sales will be used to fund the Exchange. Thank you!

To Order Global Art for Peace DVD
(contains 2 KUAT-TV programs featuring the Global Art Project):

1) Open up order form HERE (*pdf).
2) Print and complete Order Form.
3) Then mail it, along with your check or money order to:
      Global Art Project, P.O. BOX 40445, Tucson, Arizona 85717, U.S.A.

*If you have problems opening pdf files, click here for a free copy of the Adobe Reader.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you.


Global Art Project Exhibition

"In the book of the world where great good and great tragedies are recorded there is one whole page of this great joy you have created"…

“Wishing everyone could view this” .... “Can’t get enough!” .... “Such a joyous effect!” .... “The best thing in the museum!” .... “Wonderfully inspirational, touched deep in my heart. Thanks” .... “It is an honor to see my global art project exhibited on these walls. I feel so humbled and moved and not alone in my dream” .... “A truly beautiful environment to be in” …. “What a brilliant idea! My favorite exhibit ever!” .... “I am so glad there is something as beautiful here in Tucson to open my heart even more” .... “A joyful, open space — what a wonderful ‘light’ feeling” .... “It’s breath-taking and so is its potential!!” .... “Thank you for this beautiful expression of our love!” .... “Wonderful words. I like to think that I touched the work that was made in France, Belarus, Bali, Japan, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, Argentina.... Thank you. It inspires us all” .... “What a joyous room — you don’t want to leave it!” .... “Very moving and thoughtprovoking” .... “This is a miraculous project! I noticed that my school is not a part. I’ll try to include them on the list!” .... “Absolutely inspirational! Truly incred i bl e ! ” .... “ I wanted to cry with joy, appreciation, hope and love for everyone who is a part of this” .... “Absolutel y overwhelming” .... “Unspoiled truth!!!” ... “What a gorgeous inspiring exhibi t” .... “ Profound, thought provoking” .... “One exhibit brought tears” .... “Wonderful idea for the wor ld getting along with each other!” .... “What an honor to be a part of this!”


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