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2020 Gallery

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Burrinja Arties with the direction of Lyn Forrest
Upwey, VIC, Australia

The Burrinja Arties created this art for the Global Art Project Angel Corps.

Note from their Angel Corps partner:

“Hi Lyn,
Received the art work today and it is sooooooo beautiful, the cards, the hand, the beautiful picture of the emu and kangaroo  just beautiful Thank you Thank you !!!

“Would you be able to tell me about the group who did the work and where the work was done?  Is it a nursing home? Dayhab?  What is the average age of artists? I want to make sure I let our residents know as much as I can about you and your artists!!

“Thank you again. And in the name of Peace and Love I bid you all the very best in life,

Donna Slavin
Activities & Volunteer Supervisor
Vassar-Warner Home
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

“Hi Donna,
That is from my Group the Burrinja Arties, look on the Global Art Gallery 2012 and there is a story about us.

We decided to be Peace Angels this time so when we sent our work to our partner in Tucson I sent extra art to Katherine.”

In Peace and Art
Lynette Forrest

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