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058a-Suzanne-Gray-The-Peace-Tree.jpg 058b-Suzanne-Gray-The-Peace-Tree.jpg 058c-Suzanne-Gray-The-Peace-Tree.jpg 058d-Suzanne-Gray-The-Peace-Tree.jpg

The Peace Tree

Canfield Fair group with the direction of Suzanne Gray
Poland, Ohio, USA

“I'm very involved with the Fine Arts Building of the Canfield Fair, the second largest county fair in Ohio.  In an instant of brilliance, it occurred to me that the fair would be a perfect place to launch a GAP project!

“The fair opens on Wednesday and runs through Labor Day.  This morning we hung a banner on which fair-goers will put a fingerprint.  Our other group project, Faces of the Fair, routinely brings in about 2000-4000 people, so GAP will have lots of exposure.  In addition to this group project, GAP brochures will be available for those who want to create their own art for the exchange.”
Suzanne Grey
Ohio GAP Regional Coordinator

The Canfield Fair Peace Tree was sent to their GAP partner in Tehran, Iran.

The group also displayed the Global Art Project art created by participants in the area. Tens of thousands of people passed through the building where the art for peace was on display.

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