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Students at MontessoriWorks with the direction of Masud Moiz
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

“Attached are pictures of the work created by students at MontessoriWorks. Our school regularly participates in the Global Art Project as we are very strong advocates for peace education.

“At MontessoriWorks we promote peace education in various ways. This year we have created an art work which was a community effort. All the students participated in this project by sharing virtues which are practised at home and re-enforced at our school. The children have written their thoughts and understanding of these virtues. The art work is a recreation Jackson Pollock, an American artist who focussed on impressionistic art. The students enjoyed the "Drip Art" technic as they used all primary colors and "dripped" it to create a pattern.

“Our community is diverse in its ethnicity and multicultural aspect. We all live harmoniously as we focus on the same values and virtues.”

Thank you & Best Regards
Masud Moiz

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