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2020 Gallery

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Peace Eclipses Everything

Davis Family YMCA Home School Art with the direction of Suzanne Gray
Boardman, Ohio, USA

“An amazing display! What a wonderful project and we are so happy that we were able to take part in it. Your group's quilt is hanging outside the front door of the office where everyone can see it, and believe me it attracts a lot of attention! Everyone wants to take a photo of it when they come to visit the library.

“Jayne is working on another quilt made from our children's artwork because they so enjoyed being a part of a project like this --- it filled them with pride to see what we can create when we work together.

“Thank you again for everything, and I look forward to working together again!”

Warm Greetings,

Anne Gabbert, Director
Hekab Be Biblioteca
Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico

“Back in Akumal, Mexico, where they still have the Y's art quilt from the 2014 GAP exchange hanging at the little library.

“By the by... got art from Cyprus yesterday at the Davis Family YMCA.  One of the part time staff... originally from Cyprus... was working when the box arrived.  Eleni, the teacher in Cyprus, had included maps and history of the country, so Natacha was eager to show me her family's home towns before and after they were displaced by the Turkish invasion.  All so interesting, and very serendipitous!

“If you ever (ha!) feel overwhelmed by GAP, just remember stories like that...  how the Global Art Project really does connect the world.  You are doing important work, and I for one, am so delighted to be part of that mission.  Thank you.”

Suzanne Gray
Global Art Project Regional Coordinator in Ohio, USA

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