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Dynamic Peace

Los Ninos Elementary School Students with the direction of Art Educator, Becky Shipe
Tucson, Arizona, USA

“Greetings! Four of my fifth graders and I just completed our GAP project last week, and I just sent it off to India.

“Here is a little background on what inspired our artwork. We discussed how conflicts could be viewed positively rather than negatively when perceived as opportunities for growth.  We viewed artwork that addresses conflict and discussed how each could result in a positive outcome.  In addition, we talked about how the yin-yang concept represents balance and harmony through the interdependence of conflicting forces.

“We collectively generated a series of yin-yang images that represent various opposites. Each symbol was created by the combined efforts of two different artists. The words represent how conflicts can be negotiated and transformed into new understandings.  Ideally, this exercise aimed to explore how differences can balance and complement one another while creating a renewed sense of peace.

“Thank you so much for facilitating these opportunities to connect with students and teachers through art.”

Becky Shipe

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