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One World, One Heart

Grandmothers and Elder Women
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“My group, Grandmothers and Elder Women, is a group of 9 women who meet once a week to share, support and love each other. And have fun as well. We have created a painting called "One World, One Heart" which is centered on the Tree of Life as our exchange piece for the Global Art Project for Peace.

“Once we had decided to do the project, we sat in meditation to see what inspiration would come. Victoria very clearly saw a Tree of Life which contained a heart and that the piece was to be titled "One World, One Heart". We all loved this and decided to expand on that. We chose to do a painting and Maggie, who is an artist, brought in some canvas and also paints and we were on our way. A sketch was laid out and then some exciting discussion of what would be included with the image. It was decided to add discs which are collaged with images not only from magazines and such, but of ourselves and perhaps our loves. We also included the Divine Lemniscate to further support the idea of continuity, unity and Spirit... as well as some Peace Doves.” ~ Lucinda Grace

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