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Jaquith Travis
Hauser, Idaho, USA

“My inspiration for this piece is a quote from Jacques Pepin:

There is no greater love than the love of cooking. One always cooks for another’

“My love of nature, of organizations that work to save the environment all over the world, of good food grown in good soil without chemicals, my love of people, and the comradery that occurs when people, no matter who they are or where they are from, are gathered around a table filled with good food, are all what inspired this piece of art.


“Sketched the project in several different ways before committing the art work to bristol paper. With sharpie fine tip pens, I outlined the artwork. With koh-i-noor hardtmuth woodless color pencils I colored the artwork as one would a popular coloring book for adults.


“I have included a photo of me at work at my drawing table with the materials.”


“This project meant a lot to me. It was exciting to create something meaningful and participate, be a part of such an inspiring project. I received the art from my counterpart in Morocco. What a thrill to have the original in my hands and the envelope with stamps from Morocco. I learned far more from this project than I expected to. Thank you so much for your hard, exhausting work on this project. At least from my point of view it is well worth the effort.”
Jaquith Travis

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