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Students, faculty, staff, and parents at DRS International School with the direction of Seema Paul
Hyderabad, India

“We did this activity as a whole school community. I wanted the school to experience the joy of sharing art work. We also invited students from a village Government School to participate in this event. The whole school staff, parents and the village school enthusiastically participated. Our students are in beige and blue uniform while the village school students are wearing green uniform. Our lady helpers and security guards also were involved in the art work. Art created was sent to The Girls’ Middle School in Palo Alto, California, USA.”

Seema Paul
IB Head & DP Coordinator
DRS International School

Letter from The Girls’ Middle School in Palo Alto, California, USA after receiving the art from DRS International School:

Hi Seema,

How wonderful! We have received your artwork from India and WOW what a fabulous day it is for us here in California! The girls are amazed and we are reflecting over your artwork in our classes. 

Some of the words and observations about the artwork the girls have said are:

Positive vibes
Themes of nature and freedom 
Women's Empowerment
Interesting colors
Beautiful colors
Art is different yet all the same
Art all over the world is still just art
Filled the pages
Details and talent
Well thought out
Emotional artwork 

Overall, this was an amazing experience for myself and the girls. I will take photos of them with your artwork and add it to my Google folder I shared with you.” 

Torrey Delaplane
The Girls’ Middle School

Letter in reply:

Dear Torrey,

I am so glad to hear that you received our art work.  It is such a joy for us that our art work has travelled all the way to your school and is being appreciated by your students!

Many thanks to Nancy, Katherine and yourself!

Best wishes,
Seema Paul

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