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Student at The Girls’ Middle School with the direction of Teacher Torrey Delaplane
Palo Alto, California, USA

200 students in grades 6, 7 and 8 at The Girls’ Middle School participated in four separate groups. Their groups were matched with groups in Telangana, India; Jabiru, Australia; Shenzhen, China and Espoon Kaupunki, Finland.

Email from Teacher Torrey Delaplane to GAP partner in China:

Hi Wang Jing, 

We got our first package today from China! It has been such an amazing day! The girls are enthralled with all the stories and artwork you sent! Each booklet is so thoughtful and well done. The girls are very impressed with the talent and the English. Overall, the students here are overjoyed and grateful to receive this package. Some of the students really want to write a response to their stories. Is that okay to send a thank you back to you?


Email from China:

Dear The Girls' Middle School

This letter is to express my appreciation for the project GAP, which provides us a valuable opportunity to establish the bridge of friendship among our students by exchanging their picture books.

The sixty eight picture books you have received are from Grade seven and Grade eight students in Shenzhen Dawang School, they are about 12 years old. In fact, more than 150 students took part in the project, and it was really hard to select these 68 interesting picture books for you. Those original and creative works are about family, love, nature, etc., which show their colorful inner world.

I will be more grateful if there are some letters enclosed for our Chinese students. I look forwards to your favorable reply.


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