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Healing Art – Doodles Group, Cowichan Intercultural Society
Duncan, British Columbia, Canada


“Healing Art sprang to life the brain child of Cowichan Intercultural Society’s Community Connections Coordinator Françoise Moulin. Françoise’s vision of Art as a healing medium has connected people in need of giving, or receiving, comfort and companionship. The word Doodles just happened one day as the natural evolution moniker of the group. Wednesday afternoons at Mill Bay’s South Cowichan Library are a very enjoyable way to cement the friendships we have struck because of Healing Art.

“Our latest creation has been the 2016 Global Art Project for Peace. We have produced a Doodle version of our vision of global peace and goodwill. If you look closely, you will find all sorts of creatures, human, animal or other, all getting along seamlessly. You will discover French, English and Spanish words and phrases. Let your imagination roam, let your eye wander off focus and discover shapes unknown...

“Our project will find its permanent home in Morocco as part of an exchange with our paired country. We are looking forward to receive their vision of Peace in our world.”
Healing Art – Doodles Group


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