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4th Grade Students at Altamont Elementary School with the direction of Teacher, Carolyn Vogel
Altamont, New York, USA

“Greetings from Altamont Elementary School in Altamont, New York in the USA. This project was created by Mrs. Vogel’s 4th grade students. Each child was given a popsicle stick and asked to draw their face on it and write down a word that they associate with peace. They were also given a plain white piece of fabric and were asked to create a design/drawing of something peaceful. Working together and taking turns adding to the picture, they made a scene that symbolizes peace. The students were on their own for this project, given very little direction, so it is truly their work and ideas.

“Once the artwork was done, we called upon a friend and local quilter to sew the project together. She made pockets for the sticks and created a border around the artwork when she attached it to the felt.

“Altamont Elementary School is in Albany County. The school is in the village of Altamont which is on the outskirts of the capital city of Albany. It has a beautiful country setting and wonderful neighbors. The school has approximately 250 students, having three fourth grade classes this year. Our school district has about 5,000 students in five elementary schools, one middle school and one high school.

“This is the first year that Mrs. Vogel’s class has participated in the Global Art Project. A few of the students have worked in the past with our local library, the Altamont Free Library, on their project. We look forward to next year and creating another project because it was a lot of fun.

“We hope you enjoy our project. Thank you for letting us share it with you.”

Peace to all,
Mrs. Vogel’s 4th Grade Class


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