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Homes of Harmony, Places of Peace

Students at Frenchman’s Bay Public School with the direction of Teacher, Trudy Akler
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

“For this year's exchange, our extracurricular group of grade seven and eight Frenchman's Bay Public School students plus two teachers, including myself, each selected a type of home from around the world and, in some cases, from different historical periods. Our aim was to communicate the peace that can be found in diversity.

“The individual four inch by three inch scenes were made mainly from fabric, but other materials were sometimes also used. To create further visual harmony within the overall piece, each artist incorporated one blue (for peace) bead into her/his scene. Then all the small pieces were attached to the backing.

“This year our exchange partner is a group in Beijing, China.

“Thanks for all you do!”
Trudy Akler

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