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Peace comes with a creating inclusive community

Detail of art created by the Burrinja Arties
With the direction of Lynette Forrest
Upwey, Melbourne, Australia

“This group of adults from the ages of 25 to 70's, live in residential care. They have very challenging circumstances to cope with what Life has thrown them. The highlight of their week is being picked up by a volunteer driver and taken to the local Community Arts Centre, to participate in a morning arts program. The mission of Burrinja is 'Building community through the arts', and for the Global Art Project our art work focused on that theme, our words were, ‘Peace comes with a creating inclusive community’. We had a letter from our match in New York and then exchanged our art pieces for Peace. Theirs was a world map made by their thumb prints, and ours the Burrinja Boomerang star logo made of our hand print shapes. Being part of the Gap project was a most rewarding experience for all. Thank you to all who made it possible.”
Lynette Forrest

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