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052a Lynette and Trudy.jpg 052b Trudys Art for Lynette, Peaceful Patio.jpg 052c Lynettes Art for Trudy 3.jpg 052d Lynettes Art for Trudy.jpg 052e Lynettes Art For Trudy 1.jpg


(Left) Lynette Forrest, (Right) Trudy Akler

Lynette Forrest has been a Regional Coordinator for the Global Art Project for Project for Peace in Melbourne, Australia for many years and Trudy Akler has been a Regional Coordinator for the Project in Toronto, Canada for many years. They were matched together for the 2016 exchange and met in person in Toronto to exchange their art.

Letter from Trudy about the meeting:

Hi, Katherine,
What an exciting week it's been!

On Monday I met in person with my exchange partner, Lynette Forrest, and her friend Helen Cameron, both visiting from Australia. We had a delightful time getting to know each other and sharing our wonderful experiences over the years with the Global Art Project. Thank you so much for the opportunity to meet these fellow artists and new friends.

As well this week, my school group unveiled and displayed our art piece and I'll be sending it off to our partner in Beijing, China in the next few days. I was just asked to create a short bit of film footage about the project that may be included in our school board's film about inclusiveness. I've attached some photos of my exchange with Lyn.

Something about the art piece I gave to Lyn: The aim of my "Peaceful Patio" scene was to suggest a peaceful garden setting with a table set for two, welcoming my new friend, Lynette, from Australia.

All the best,
Trudy Akler

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