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065a Melanie Attard.jpg 065b Peace Mural Painting - Brenda and Garry.jpg 065c Peace Mural Spray Painting - Brenda and Angela.jpg 065d Melanie Attard.jpg

Natures Windows

Monash University Staff Art Group – Peninsula Campus Frankston: Garry, Angela, Brenda, Corinna, Corine and Hilary with the facilitation of Melanie Attard
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Participants were from The Faculty of Education and the Purchase to Payments Department. They were matched with Veterans for Peace in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA.

Natures Windows was created over a number of 1 hour weekly classes, total work was approximately 20 hours. The medium was acrylic paint and spray paint stencil work on large re-used Tyvek panel.

“The art was inspired by Peace, Nature, Port Philip Bay and the local Australian native landscape – gum trees and banksia pods, southern night sky, and local native animals – Rosella, Lorikeet, Cockatoo, Kookaburra, Brushtail Possum and Microbat.

“The process was fun and easy. Different colours changed the piece dramatically. Each layer and process took on a different view. The group worked outside as well as in the studio. Working outside was inspiring and less fumy/toxic with the spray paints. We used eco-friendly alcohol sugar propellant spray paint. An acrylic paint base was applied with large brushes, then we spray painted the stencil work in using hand cut paper and pre-cut wooden stencils. After adding layers of stencil work over the hand painted background, we blocked out numerous areas of the piece and worked back into it to create a mosaic, or patch work feel and break up the business for a visually pleasing artwork.”

“Working outdoors amongst the trees provided stimulus through light, shadow, colour, and the smell of the Australian gum trees.”

Bottom photo: Melbourne group with art they received from Veterans for Peace in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, USA.


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