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Daraa Tribes coordinated through Peace Corps Volunteer, Thomas Duncan
Tagounite, Morocco

Daraa Tribes, a music group in Tagounite, Morocco, sent a video of their song Huria (Freedom) to their 2016 Global Art Project for Peace partner group, Yellow Bus Creations, in Havre, Montana, USA.

Correspondence from Morocco to Montana, USA:

Hello Kris!

“I am a Peace Corps Volunteer who has been living in Morocco for the last 3 1/2 years. I lived in a small desert town called Tagounite, where I've done a lot of work with musicians and artists. I registered for the Global Art Project for Peace with the band Daraa Tribes from Tagounite, who recorded this song just last week and we finished shooting the video just a few days ago. I've included here in this email a note from us with a little bit of info about the song and the culture the guys come from. We hope you enjoy the music and like the video, and we'd be happy to send more music along as well if you'd like.”

Thomas Duncan

Hello Kris and Yellow Bus Creations!

“We'd like to introduce ourselves. Our lead singer and drummer is named Balkhir, our lead guitarist is named Rachid, our bassist is named Abdelkbir, and our rhythm guitarist is named Mostafa. Together we are Daraa Tribes, and we are from a small oasis town in the Sahara desert of Morocco called Tagounite. We are very happy to exchange our art with you. We have sent you a song we just wrote and recorded called ‘Huria’ and a music video to go with the song. ‘Huria’ means "freedom" in Arabic, and our song is about all the different tribes in our region of Morocco that live in freedom and peace together. We come from the Daraa River Valley, a long valley filled with many oases where tribes indigenous to North Africa, tribes coming from other countries in Africa such as Senegal, Mali, and Niger, and tribes coming from the Arab world have settled centuries ago because of the plentiful date palm trees that fill the valley. Each of us in the band in fact come from a different tribe, and we are all different ethnicities. Our song ‘Huria’ is both a story about how the tribes come together in the oasis, and a celebration of the diversity of the cultures that have combined together in one place. The chorus in our song, translated in English, goes, ‘From every country, the colors living in freedom,’ and by ‘colors’ we mean the different colors of people and tribes who live together in peace. We hope you enjoy our art, as our music heritage is a very important aspect of our different cultures and something we are very proud of and very proud to share. Our message to you is that no matter what color you are, what culture you come from, or in our case, what tribe you come from, we can and we do live in freedom and in peace among one another.”

Sending peace and art from the Sahara,
Daraa Tribes


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