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Students at University of Great Falls with the direction of Art Prof. Julia M. Becker
Great Falls, Montana, USA

 “Here is the group project in process from the University of Great Falls - Autumn semester 2015 - for the 2016 Global Art Project exchange! Students at University of Great Falls Montana, painting and drawing a mural for the International Art Exchange. The action was captured with GoPro cameras in a time-lapse video over a two-month long period in 4K HD resolution. Go to settings and max it out! View video here! Enjoy and Share the video as much as we did creating this amazing work of art! Thank You!

“An awesome experience with an awesome group of artists! Thanks everyone! This is a 100 level beginning Drawing class making it happen! This piece was on display in the UGF Library Exhibit Space. Thanks Stephen Wolff for making the video!

“This will become a regular thing for the University of Great Falls students -- It meant the WORLD to them :-)

“Loved looking at the website too -

You are doing such important work.  Thank you!”

Julia M. Becker

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