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2020 Gallery


Origami Peace Boxes

PlayHaven’s Art with Heart participants with the direction of Jhan Kold
Tucson, Arizona, USA

PlayHaven invited Tucson community members to gather together to create origami boxes for their GAP exchange partner in Zaio, Nador, Morocco. Inside each box were small tokens of peace and love.

PlayHaven also created origami boxes for the Global Art Project for Peace Angel Corps.

“PlayHaven is committed fully to the pursuit of happiness through shared play. Instead of a work ethic, we embrace a Play Ethic. PlayHaven organizes and promotes events that are open to the public, cost little or no money to attend, and involve music, dance, poetry, movement, art, humor, rhythm, crafts, make-believe, and other forms of play. Our intention is to help individuals discover their unique Call to Play and to create community Centers throughout the world where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together in the spirit of fun and celebration.” 

View video here.

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