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Students at Lefkara Primary School
With the direction of teacher, Eleni Kotziamani
Nicosia, Cyprus

“The building where students are standing is my school. It is the Lefkara Primary School, located in a village in a rural area of Cyprus. As for the event in the photo where the people are sitting it was our final ceremony. Every school in Cyprus has to prepare a small event at the end of each school year and they invite all the parents. It is also a graduation ceremony for the students of the 6th grade, who go to high school next year. So, we displayed the artwork that we received from the assigned schools during that day. Since the school is in a village, the whole community and all the parents are present at that ceremony, and it was a good time to see the exchange.

“All the schools from Cyprus have received the artwork they were supposed to, and all the schools that we were assigned to received ours. It was a great success and both the teachers and the kids loved it. I have attached some pictures of my school. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to participate.” Eleni Kotziamani

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