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Peace Mandala

Corinna Zubin Lyon
McKinleyville, California, USA

“I have been painting mandalas for many years.  I recently started using puff paint and fake gems.  I love the sparkle, and it has been delightful fun. A mandala creates a sacred space. All is enclosed in a circle representing a harmonious cosmos. We inhabit this perfect orb, our beautiful home, our planet Earth. Art promotes the essence of love, harmony, and beauty. Art is an expression of our glorious humanity.

“I have supported the Global Art Project for Peace since its inception in 1994. What a fantastic project!  Thank you, Katherine, for your vision and dedication.”

Corinna Zubin Lyon

Corinna sent her Peace Mandala to her GAP partner in Chandpur, Bangladesh.


Corinna passed in early 2019. She was an enthusiastic Global Art Project for Peace Regional Coordinator and participated in every exchange for 24 years – from 1994 to 2018. We will miss Corinna but we know her sweet energy will continue to be a part of the exchanges. The bottom photo is of Corinna with the art she created for the 2010 exchange.

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