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World Peace

Frenchman’s Bay Public School, Class 7H students with the direction of teacher Trudy Akler
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Twenty-six students in 7H class with Student Leaders Aisha and Mariyam created their art World Peace. It was sent to Dar Taliba English Class in Had Draa, Morocco.

134 students in 5 classes at Frenchman’s Bay Public School participated in the 2018 exchange. Their expressions of peace were sent to Shenzhen, China; Kubrat, Bulgaria; Jabiru, Australia; Had Draa, Morocco and Melbourne, Australia.

“I’ve had pre-exchange contact with several of our partners! I’m just about to package everything up and send it on its way to join all the lovely messages of peace about to circle the globe!

“Revel in what you’ve accomplished!”
Trudy Akler

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