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2020 Gallery

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Tree of Harmony

Arsh, Age 11, with the direction of Natalia Koren Kropf at Koren Kropf Studio
Forest Hills, New York, USA

11 students of Koren Kropf Studio created art to send to their exchange partner Bantian Campus of Experimental School of Shenzhen in Shenzhen, China.

Top photo: Tree of Harmony by Arsh age 11. Arsh’s peace wish: “I wish for peace of nature to never go away.”

Bottom photo: My peaceful family dinner by Elizabeth age 8. Elizabeth’s peace wish: “I wish a lot of guests came to my dinner.”

“Sending you our projects and photos for 2018 GLOBAL ART PROJECT Gallery. The students of Koren Kropf Studio are holding their artworks. Our Global partner’s project is still en route from China. You may also view the link in our website to Global Art Project website. www.korenkropfstudio.com/2018-global-art-project.

“We are very proud to be contributing to this awesome cause - Peace on Earth through Art by young Artists.”

Respectfully with the best wishes,
  Natalia Koren Kropf

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