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Reflections on a World at Peace

Institute for Civic Leadership, Mills College Students
With the direction of ICL Director, Michaela Daystar
Oakland, California, USA

“We met together to discuss each person’s ideas about peace, and decided on a project format that would allow each person to create their own piece. Each person turned in an art piece in a variety of media, and I created a hand-made book with Japanese binding (sadly, I totally forgot to take a photo of the binding—it was pretty cool!). I then photographed each piece, and created a digital version of the book and a large hard copy for display. It was a lot of fun, and a ton of work!

“Students were given the following assignment:

  • Think about the issue you are working on.
  • Now think about that issue being solved, or addressed in a way that creates positive social change.
  • What does the community look like? How do people feel and act, now that this issue is no longer a problem? How do they interact with each other? How are things different?
  • Now write 3-4 sentences describing this change or this new community/world
Michaela Daystar

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