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2020 Gallery

046a Maria Rodriguez.jpg

The Wish Rainbow for Peace

Maria Rodriguez
Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA

“I created an oil pastel drawing of an abstract interpretation I have for peace. The use of vibrant colors and waves of circles represents hope and spirit. To me the circle/sphere symbolizes wholeness and continuity, infinity, love, optimism and possibility. The egg cell, or ovum, is a circle. It is potency and future life. Our planet earth is a circle/sphere. It wants continuous life and truce.

I used this symbol in my art to show my hope for peace and new life amidst all the hatred, disparity, pain and anger. Our world is in need of understanding, empathy, pluralism, harmony, tranquility and love.

Pray and trust in peace and equanimity on this planet.

Thank you for Making PEACE connections!”
Maria Rodriguez

Maria’s art was sent to her exchange partner in Altrincham, Cheshire, UK.

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