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057a minervas sweet palette for peace.jpg

Minerva’s Sweet Palette for Peace

Minervas with the direction of Claudia Zamora
Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

“We had so much fun participating in this amazing project! THANK YOU! We got our exchange package yesterday and I am sending you the information from our project for the website.

“Lot of work! But definitely worth it.

Hope you like it!”

“Our Global Peace Art Project took three months to complete. At our February meeting, the Peace Flag project was decided. Individual flags were to be made, then they would be combined to make one large flag. The flag had a rocky start because we had no material to begin with. Luckily Daphne, a member of the group, had a bag of clothes in her car that she was going to donate. From that bag, our project began.

“We could not envision at that point, what was going to come out of it, but – as we always do - we took a leap of faith & began! Each one of us took a piece of clothing and begun to create something we thought it would bring peace and love to the world. At the next meeting we had more women involved to include one special lady who had never heard of us, but she immediately collaborated with the work. We also needed a seamstress to assemble the flag together into one piece. Luckily, we were synchronized with the universe; as Claudia had picked up a card advertising a seamstress and she found it in her purse. She called Isabella, told her about the Minerva’s Movement and our wonderful art project, and asked her if she could help. She said yes. She came to the meeting the next day and started putting the pieces together! Two sewing sessions later, the flag was completed. Again, Daphne came through and found a venue where to display our project at the Dogwood Festival. The Sweet Palette Gallery Café, and it all came together nicely.

“Many women contributed to this project. We shared ideas, encouragement and unity finishing this project. Exactly what the Minerva’s group is all about. We are so happy to have the opportunity to exchange our creativity and good intentions to the world.”

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