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Jaquith Travis
Hayden, Idaho, USA

“When I wrote to my Global Art Project partner, I received an email saying that a family member is in Hospice. I feel so badly for this person. My first thought was of flowers. It is April, the start of spring and flowers are a symbol of spring, of life beginning, of peace, of happiness, and of the ending of life.

“The iris is considered by many to be a spiritual flower. Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow in Greek mythology. The rainbow is a symbol of beauty at the end of a storm. Of peace.

“Last year my iris bloomed well and I have many new rhizomes that bloomed so naturally I had to photograph them. I found one particularly good photo I saved, and used that photo as my model.

“The feather of a dove was a last minute addition. There are a lot of dove feathers out in the back of our yard. My husband brought some in for me because I love feathers. Again, the dove is a symbol of peace so I put one at the bottom of the painting.

“Please enjoy the art and think of peace for all.”

Jaquith Travis

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