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Created by a member of Grupo Prejuvenil Margarita Duran
With the direction of teacher, Rene Lemus
Santa Tecla, La Libertad, El Salvador

“35 Students from junior youth who collaborate on service for community. 7th grade students participate as representatives of El Salvador in the Global Project of art for peace. The exhibition was part of a 2 days exhibition at the Museo TecleƱo. We were participating with our GAP.

“It’s also important to say that at the next room, on the Museum, there was an exhibition about the 12 years of civil war in my country, and a lot of pictures of childrens who lived during the conflict were showed near to our exhibition.

“You can’t imagine the ‘relief’ sensation to come from a ‘war exhibition’ to a ‘peace exhibition’ and how child around the world are changing the social life, by introducing values, and the peace concept in their lives.

“This was a ‘moving and touching’ exhibition, small but with a great impact. Today we’ll be on national television inviting people to the Exhibition! The Director of the museum invited us for some more activities, we are all excited with all what’s happening!

Thank you very much for the opportunity!” ~ Rene Lemus

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