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2020 Gallery

086a Michele Barattucci.jpg

We Perceive As We Are: seeing piece from every direction

Learning by Heart/SMOC Community with the direction of Michele Barattucci

“Here are some of us the day we put our puzzle together.

“Because of everyone's busy schedule I suggested we do a puzzle. I created the blank puzzle then delivered a piece to each person involved sharing our theme: we perceive as we are. Each person worked on their piece then returned them to me. I arranged time and place for us to come together, to celebrate and complete the puzzle. 22 of us in all. We had quite a surprise when we realized some of the pieces were done upside down! Our amazing creative, persistent participants cooperated in finding a solution.

Thus the puzzle as you see it here. We have subtitled it: seeing piece from every direction. If you look closely you will notice that some pieces face North others East, West and South with mine grounding our efforts.

“For some this was their first visual art expression. For others their first public visual art expression.

All stated the experience was exhilarating.

“We are so blessed.”

Michele Marion Barattucci


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